Mortal Movie Madness

I loved the Mortal Instruments books. When I was reading them, I ignored my family. I wouldn’t talk to people in the break room at work. I was a busy, important feeling person who didn’t want to talk to the weirdos at work over reading my books. For real, I was totally like this. (This shouldn’t be surprising to any of the people who “really” know me.) This obsession went beyond just me being a book nerd. My addiction was based off of a deep love of varied supernatural lore and the ever-existent battle between good and evil. When my friend Abby told me that the Mortal Instruments were being made into a movie, I punched it into my iCal immediately. We planned to go on opening night but it took us an extra week to actually coordinating a movie date.

So last Thursday we watched it and just as I feared before going to the show, I didn’t like it as much as I had hoped I would. Not only was the script much different from the books (which some awkward added narration throughout to explain complex storylines from the books), but the casting of one particular character totally sucked. Jamie Campbell Bower was cast to play Jace and from the first time I saw the movie preview, I knew I was going to have a problem with this. Bower was not as funny as Jace should have been. His face was too narrow, making him look too much like a meth head and I just really couldn’t get into him being a hero. Disappointed is a polite way to say that I didn’t like his performance in the least.

Clary was cast well as were Magnus and Simon. The other characters hardly had roles. Simon was my favorite character from the book. I felt like they played the complicated relationship/friendship between Clary and Simon pretty well but the who Luke/Leia relationship between Clary and Jace was just weird. I hated the parts they had together and I hated it even more when there were dumb lines from Jace about “their love’ after which I laughed out loud in the theater.

Would I buy this movie to add to my collection? No. It would be a waste. I’d rather just read the books again to be honest.

Would I watch this movie at a Mortal Instruments Themed Party? DUH! Of course I would. I think that would be a lot of fun, as long as I could paint some runes on myself for the shindig.

Which characters would I change for the second movie if they make one? I would definitely find a new Jace. Get someone like Jake from The Secret Circle or Liam Hemsworth, anyone but Jamie Campbell Bower, please.

Would you recommend this movie to others? To my mom and dad? Never. They would hate it. To my brother Shane, yes, though I know he would say the books are way better. To friends who love the books? Of course. As long as they know that the books are going to be better in this case.

Would I recommend for my readers to see it? Sure. Why not? I imagine the movie is harder to understand if you haven’t, in fact, read the books, but they also try to explain everything to help newbies understand, even if it’s occasionally poorly done.

Have fun at the movies.

Tata for now.



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