Christmas Time’s a Coming… just a little too soon these days

My brother Shane likes to listen to Christmas music all-year-round. He doesn’t have a certain time frame like from his birthday (August 13th) through Valentine’s Day (February 14th). In Shane’s world, playing Christmas music is fair game all-year-round. I adopted this as well (Thanks, Shane. Please explain this to any future guys in my life…). That’s why Pomplamoose’s rendition of Up On the Housetop has been on my main playlist for the past few months. I love the song. I love the cheer. I love the feeling I get when I hear the song.

My brother-in-law posted this photo to facebook with the "Really? It's September 14th." #agreed!

My brother-in-law posted this photo to facebook with the “Really? It’s September 14th.” #agreed!

My roommate during my freshman year of college didn’t get my fascination with Christmas and Christmas music. She asked me once, “Do you like get depressed in January when it’s all over?” My response was a simple: “No.” And despite her protests, I played Christmas music in our room through the end of February, as long as the snow was still sitting on the ground over there in Nampa.

While in high school, I only had one instance when someone found my fascination with Christmas and the music odd. It was during football season, likely late September, early October and my friend Abby and I were riding to an away football game with our friend Melissa’s parents. They had a cassette deck in their van and after browsing through the selection, I chose Amy Grant’s “Home for Christmas” album. Ed, Melissa’s dad, couldn’t believe that I had chosen such inappropriate music. But as Melissa’s family were devout Christians, I convinced them that Christmas music was appropriate throughout the year as, of course, Jesus was at the center.

These days, other than my occasional token Christmas song on a playlist or listening to the Weezer Christmas Album, I try to stick to the rules: you must listen to Christmas music and decorate your house for the holiday AFTER that crazy turkey day. This is getting harder and harder as there are more and more Christmas displays up earlier and earlier. The real Christmas shocker came this past week when Kmart released a Christmas ad that was “unprecedented in its prematurity. Usually, you see the ads at the end of October, closer the Charlie Brown, “It’s the Great Pumpkin” showing on TV, but this year, Kmart started early.

Early Christmas décor used to never bother me, but now I’m a little worried. In five years are we going to have Christmas décor up right after the 4th of July? It seems like we’re headed in that direction and that just seems wrong.

In brief: Although I love Christmas and the decorations, the cheer, the cookies and candy, and all the fun that is involved, I think it’s highly inappropriate for businesses to start SELLING Christmas before my fall term at Oregon State University has even begun.

Tata for now.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Time’s a Coming… just a little too soon these days

  1. Love the title of your blog today!!! Christmas Time’s A-Comin'” is an awesome song. Love to sing and play it with my volleyball girls as you know. Merry Christmas Sha-reak!

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