A Boring Girl’s Guide to a Stellar Friday Night Activity

When I lived in Nampa, Idaho with my sister and her family this past winter, nights out often consisted of shopping trips. Most of the time, the shopping was about stocking the pantry with canned beans, vegetables, and whatever else comes in cheap cans from WinCo.

The first time we took this trip, I complained. I was still 29 at the time and spending a Friday or Saturday night at the grocery store seemed depressing. But then my sister started to add in Target to the mix of where we shopped. And that alone cured me.

Target is the store I love the most. Sure, it’s a chain. And yes, I considered boycotting the store a few years ago when the corporation donated money to anti-gay campaigns (In reality, the donations were more for pro-Republican, let-us-keep-our-money-and-avoid-taxes ideology rather than anti-gay), but I didn’t. I still went every once in a while if for no other reason than because I didn’t want to shop at Walmart, the horrible place where greedy shoppers trample over and kill sweet old greeters on Black Fridays.

So when my sister and I actually went to Target, we’d always look at movies, books, and clothes, but as the days passed and I got closer and closer to my thirtieth birthday, I started to spend more and more time in the beauty section. Make-up, shaving supplies, hair care, skin care – it was overwhelming the number of products there and even more overwhelming to think that I needed one of each product. My budget was limited though so buying fancy make-up or shaving cream wasn’t an option. But that crazy cold winter did mean one, vey important thing: my hair was going to be a disaster if I didn’t baby it a little bit. So I babied it and invested in some Dove. Why Dove, you ask? Well, I had a student in Ukraine back in 2006 who raved about how great Dove was for her hair and how it really washed it well and made her feel good about life. I trusted her because with her frizzy hair, I figured whatever made her feel good about her lot in life was important (I know. That was a Sharece is going to hell sort of comment to make).

So since 2006, as long as I could afford to shell out the extra few bucks for the brand, I would invest in Dove shampoo and conditioner.

But then I started to debate shampoo products. Which is really better?

Aussie comes in purple bottles.
Pantene is the stuff my brother used when he had long hair.
Burt’s Bees is good for the environment and doesn’t hurt the fish.
Garnier comes in a bright green bottle.
And there are so many more on the shelf.

So how do you come about picking a bottle of shampoo? Do you buy it for the scent? Price? Quality? Convenience? Habit? Do you change your type of shampoo based on your mood or perhaps by the scents your boyfriend likes best?

There are a number of ways you can figure out which shampoo to buy and I think that should you be a boring, single, 29-year-old-woman living with your sister, that this Friday night, you investigate the shampoo aisle. I mean, seriously, this is better than going grocery shopping, right?

Tata for now.



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