These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

Not every day is perfect. In fact, some days seem to royally suck. Sometimes they suck because I haven’t eaten good (or any food). Sometimes it’s because of lack of caffeine. Sometimes it’s the lack of communication (I need human interaction in order to function properly). And sometimes it has to do with the fact that I didn’t sleep well and just feel grumpy. No matter what the reason (and I know many people believe that there is no excuse for being grumpy, mean, etc. You people suck by the way.), there are just some of those days. I hate those days so I try to make them better by surrounding myself in things, experiences, and people who make me happy. So here you are, a list of my favorite things.

• The color purple – Whether it’s my wallet, water bottle, purple chair, scarves, or jackets, I have purple things. And these things are just awesome and they make me smile. (I know – material things make me happy… how shallow is that?)
• Toast and jam – I’m a simple girl. I like breakfast food and I love to eat at cute breakfast joints, but my favorite breakfast experience is having a good piece of toast with some homemade jam. YUM!!!
• Gnomes – I have four regular sized garden gnomes in my apartment and about three or four smaller gnomes on shelves and empty spaces around the place. These gnomes are funny and cute and they sorta make me laugh when I’m having an odd day.
• My computer, journals, typewriter, and purple pens – These writing devices keep me sane. I tend to be a bit neurotic and strange on occasion so I try to find my happy place by writing and getting all my feelings out in written form.
• Pitch Perfect – Not that this is my favorite movie, but it’s definitely one of them. When I was teaching in Nampa, Idaho, I had a lot of miserable days. Pitch Perfect is what made me laugh and cry on those insane days. It was the perfect combination of crazy and normal to make a crappy day a happy day.
• Skittles – Who doesn’t love Skittles? Why would someone not like them? Skittles are happy food. They are brightly colored. They’re sweet and they taste like awesomenss in your mouth.
• Things vintage – I have a style for home décor and it’s called vintage.
• Accents – I love meeting people from different areas of the world than mine. (I like people from Yamhill County Oregon too, by the way.) Part of the reason for this is because I love to hear their accents. So awesome!
• Oregon – No wonder why I moved back to this state. I love it!
• Lavender – The color, smell, and look of it is just fun.

So there you have it: a few of my favorite things. What things make you happy?



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