News Flash: The Federal Government Turned the Lights Out!

It has happened. The politicians who spend many of our tax dollars on expensive cheeses and fancy office furniture have failed to reach any sort of resolution and thus have shut down the federal government. What?!? Yes. It’s true. Those righteous fat cats in Washington have backed themselves into a corner or perhaps a boxing ring and are screwing up everything.

When I heard that the government shutdown was really happening, I tweeted this: “The Federal Government shuts down. Essentially, the power to govern and cooperate with one another has left the building. #waytogo #not”

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.19.03 PM

I have strong feelings about this. Sometimes I think that there are some fourth and fifth graders in Dayton, Oregon that would have more sense when dealing with issues and come to compromises with more effectiveness than our seasoned politicians in D.C.

My brother is a federal employee. Since the government is shut down tomorrow, I assume that he gets to… what? Stay home and watch zombie movies? The work still needs done, but why would he go to work if he is not getting paid? Honestly? I’m all for volunteer work, but not when it’s your job. In many places it’s unethical to do regular work duties as volunteer work at a place where you’d usually get paid. Seriously.

This whole shutdown business is crazy and depressing and there’s only one image I’ve seen all night that made me laugh about it.

Thank you, Parks and Rec on Facebook for this picture.

Thank you, Parks and Rec on Facebook for this picture.

That’s right: Ron Swanson, the crazy Libertarian from Parks and Recreation hates the government and would love a shutdown. At least he’s happy, right?

Note to readers: Ron Swanson is a fictional character from the NBC television series Parks and Recreation. I do not know of any person who actually is happy for the government shutdown, unless it’s the person who gets to go through airport security without being strip-searched because the TSA lost federal funding… (baha – I love my funny jokes.)

Tata for now.



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