Introduction to Platypus Girl

Say what? You’re taking a break from the amazing, awesome structure of themed days on Peanut Butter Girl for a whole month?

I’m both sad and happy to admit that this is true. For the entire month of October, I will be growing out my leg hair and writing about it…

Gross! Did you really think that was true? I’m not Jane from the jungle, people. I’m a hip, city girl! But for real, I will be doing something strange and different this month. I will be focusing every post on what it means to be a Platypus.


I understand your confusion. In all actuality, I am not a platypus. I am just a thirty-year-old woman with a wild imagination. I also have a degree from the University of Oregon, making me a Duck. And I have started to work on another degree from Oregon State University, by default making me a Beaver as well. It’s a tough life, this double identity. I feel sort of like a spy from the CIA (only that I don’t shoot people and I would never sleep with the enemy to steal information for the government). But no matter how much I hide wearing one school’s t-shirts or cheering for another team’s football team, the fact remains that I am from both schools and thus will always be connected to both schools. If I ever have kids, I’ll make sure to have two so I can send one to one school and the other to the opposite school. And then at family events, I could play the two kids against one another – all the friction without the ugly divorce, right?

I know. That was messed up. Get ready for some silly, sometimes nonsensical thoughts this month. Also, prepare yourself for some love on both schools and the beloved cities that house them. If you aren’t very familiar with the UO or OSU, this is definitely going to be a month where you can read about one girl’s experience and love-hate relationship with the best schools of Oregon. And hey, if you do know something about either school and you think I’m wrong, leave me a comment. I LOVE comments.

With this, I leave you. See you tomorrow with the first installment of Platypus Girl.

From Oregon,



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