Platypus Girl – Take Two

“Now I’m both.”

“Both?” he questioned.

This is what happened when I had to explain to a new friend of mine how I am both a Duck and a Beaver. As we’d been getting to know one another, he had kind of lied to me, telling me he had no preference between the two schools/teams. But I always sort of wondered since his dog’s leash was green and yellow…

I am both a Beaver and a Duck and this transition, this insanity is mixing way faster than I had anticipated.

My friend Sarah came over to my place to watch the season premieres of New Girl and The Mindy Project. One of her first comments was, “You already have a Beaver shirt! Bahaha.” Sarah knows that I was one of the crazy Duck fans. I mean – I worked at the Duck Store throughout all of grad school. I was a barista at The Duck Stop. Every t-shirt I wore for 18 months was green, yellow, or black with green or yellow lettering on it. I don’t even think she knows about the insane amount of dishware, ornaments, or camping gear I own that’s Oregon Ducks, but she wouldn’t be surprised. I have been decked out as an Oregon Duck since April of 2009, when I first decided to go to the U of O for journalism school.

How then, could I become such a quick convert to the black and orange school? Honestly, I think it’s the smallness of the school, the community build and the constant effort to continue building community and desire to reach out to the underrepresented students. There’s a relatively new building on campus called the Student Success Center. The top floor of the building is dedicated to student athletes. They can have study sessions there, work with academic coaches, and print things for free. But the other two floors are for all students to use, not just the athletes. This is different from the U of O’s Jaqua Academic Center which when it opened was open for viewing by all but very quickly became just the chill place for student athletes to hang and get study help. I’m not saying the U of O is wrong for dedicating a building for just student athletes to use, I just find it different and perhaps not really something I would do. Yeah. The U of O has great athletes. I’m a huge fan of their football team, but I also appreciate OSU’s commitment to excellence for all students, whether they be athletes or non-athletes.

Is it easy for me to claim to be both a Beaver and a Duck? Actually, it really is…




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