Platypus Girl Take Five – I Love My Ducks!

I first heard about the viral I Love My Ducks video while I was writing short briefs for the radio station, KLCC. My supervisor Rachel and I watched the video and fell in love immediately. The news aspect was that the University of Oregon was freaking out about the copyright issues associated with putting the Oregon Duck on YouTube. Rachel wanted to talk to one of the guys so she waited until 8 AM (we’d gotten into the story at about 6) and called Jamie, one of the guys on the video. He was sleepy and his interview voice was a bit rough for the radio, but we got the story. The story continued for about a week and in the end, it was decided that the Oregon Duck was not owned by Disney anymore and could be his own “person” without hurting Disney in any way.

The video became so popular that the Duck Store made t-shirts for it. The t-shirts were amazing. I bought four. I even bought a small one for my future child. (I know – if I end up being barren, I’m totally screwed.)

The thing I learned through all this was that I really, truly loved my Ducks and that to be a Duck fan meant that I would share in the joy and awesomeness of cult classics like the video below.

Tata for now.



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