Platypus Girl Take Seven – Mascot Issues in Beaver Nation

So here in Beaver Nation, they’ve changed the mascot a few times. And the changing has happened a few times in recent years. It was only this year that Oregon State University changed their Beaver mascot to what is sometimes referred to as “the angry Beaver” or “the muskrat.” I like my mom’s take on it. She feels as if they’re trying to improve their football team by looking more like a Nike symbol. Ok. Ok. That was rough, but yesterday I had a conversation with a fourth year student who admitted to me that though she’d been to many football games, she knew the team was bad, “But we’ve got great spirit,” she said. This is true. Beaver fans have a lot of spirit and they are very bold to wear orange and wear it so proudly. But that still won’t convince the naysayers that the new mascot was a good idea.

Honestly, one of the main reasons it’s so hard to convince people the mascot is okay is because of this.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.42.46 PM

Freaky! In 2020, the Beaver will be taking a dagger around at football games? I’m staying home. The picture made me laugh and it also surprised me. At my high school, we were the Pirates. At some point in the last ten or so years, the swords started disappearing from the Pirate apparel and posters put up around the school. When they refinished the gym floor, the Pirate in the center was friendly. The teeth were barely growly. I mean, the guy looked as gentle as the toucan on a box of Fruit Loops. His teeth were even whiter than mine. (Pirates should have horrible teeth, you know from all the tobacco and bottles of rum they open with their teeth as well as the fights they get in over their wenches.)

This new Beaver, the predicted Beaver, is terrifying. And though I know this graphic was a joke, it freaks me out. If this were to be the way the Beaver logo and the world looked in 2020, I just may have to run off to Canada.

Tata for now.



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