Platypus Girl Take Eight – Unimpressed with the Quacky Return

When you’re cool, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in your coolness and forget what made you cool to begin with. In my world, vintage is cool, but when you work really hard to be vintage, you’re not cool. Jokes are awesome, but when your entire life is dedicated to making someone laugh at your joke that isn’t really funny, your jokes aren’t so awesome.

The original I Love My Ducks was amazing. This Return of the Quack Video by Supwitchugirl… not so amazing. These guys were pretty legendary for a while. They made tons of money through the Duck Store for the I Love My Ducks t-shirts and the university pretty much loved them for getting them so much attention. But seriously, just the beginning part when Joey Harrington says, “Do I smell roses?” turns me off. I mean seriously, who wrote that script? Come on guys. You could do better.

I admit it: I’m cheesy. But this video far out cheeses most things I have said or done.

Meh. The Ducks still rock.

Tata for now.



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