Platypus Girl Take Ten – The Chainsaw

When I went to the Beaver football game on September 28th, I learned that there was a chainsaw “thing” at OSU. My friends told me it had something to do with a song and that it was also a dance. YouTube it, they told me. So I did. Here’s that video.

The thing I really don’t get is, what’s the point of it? I asked one of the guys if the idea behind the chainsaw was that they could cut down trees that we, the beavers, could use in the water to help us build dams and all of that stuff. I was told that I was putting too much thought into it.

I’m still confused. Is this supposed to be an amazing song? I don’t really see it as such, but then again, I’ve never danced the chainsaw dance myself.

New project: learn the chainsaw dance. (Probably won’t get to it very soon. My “to-do list” is pretty huge.

Tata for now.



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