Platypus Girl Take Sixteen – The Key to Happiness

I’ve found it. After nearly thirty years of searching for it, I believe that I have found the key to happiness (Yes, I was a very advanced baby in diapers…). It’s really quite simple: be content. Happiness is about being comfortable with yourself, your body, your mind, your actions, your work, and your situation. We forget to be happy when we focus too much on one of those things. I’m not at all implying that it’s not ok to try to change your life. I happen to think making positive changes in one’s life is amazing. But I also know that when we focus all our energy on one aspect of our lives such as running or losing thirty pounds, we forget about the people that matter. We lose sight of what’s important.

In case you think I’m being preachy, I apologize. The truth is that I am always trying to figure out that balance of happiness. I try to be happy where I am, every day. Sometimes I fail. Then I get sad and realize that I’m not happy.

Recently, I’ve gone this incredibly huge transition of starting graduate school at OSU. It’s been amazing, wonderful, scary, horrifying, and exhausting. It doesn’t help that with all that I threw in a relationship that left me heartbroken and feeling vulnerable. I realized the other day that if I wanted to get through it all and enjoy it this time (my first grad degree program was so difficult and not at all fun for me), I had to change something. I had to empower myself and start feeling better. Does this mean that I don’t feel any stress or experience anxiety? No. But it does mean that I have to continually check myself and ensure that I am keeping it cool. I have to chill out and though this is hard with school and work, I will do it. It’s the only way I’ll get through it and remember how fun it was to be a Beaver here at Oregon State.

Tata for now.



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