Platypus Girl Take Eighteen – Which City is Greener?

Corvallis. Eugene. Two college towns that are both beautiful and cute. Corvallis has a reputation for being farmish thus more conservative. This leaves people who like OSU though who have never visited Corvallis to believe that it is a town for conservatives, those that though they may recycle or put their garbage in the dumpster don’t actually take initiative to make their city “greener.” This isn’t the case. Corvallis was the first of the two cities to ban plastic bags. When you go to the grocery store, you’d better have your reusable bag or at least have five cents to pay for a paper one. Eugene has this rule now too. They copied Corvallis, which is funny because when I lived there a few years ago, it was sort of expected for you to have your own bag, but if you forgot, they’d still give you one for free.

When it comes to Corvallis and Eugene, I don’t think it’s really a matter of which city is greener, but which one you like more. Do you like the bigger city or the smaller one? Do you want to live in the city that has concert venues or the one that has only local artists play in local cafes? Do you want to bike in the city that has less traffic or the one that has more traffic? Do you want to be neighbors with Albany or Springfield?

Personally, I love both cities. I liked living in both. But because I’m a platypus, I could imagine myself wanting to pick a new place to settle down with my spider plants, a new city to learn to love and enjoy…

Tata for now.



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