Platypus Girl Take Nineteen – BEAVERS & DUCKS

Oregonians have to pick a side. Are you a Beaver? Or are you a Duck? My sister Shanna doesn’t like to answer this question. Even when I was a student at the U of O and worked at the Duck Store, she would claim to be a platypus. What she was really saying was that she was apathetic and wouldn’t pick a side. Now that I have been a student at both schools, I realize that to be a platypus is a very real thing. You attend both schools and have an appreciation for both schools. I do. I mean, I really love both schools. Sure, I have a bias as to which football team I love and root for, but that is largely based on the fact that the team I love is the better of the two (DUCKS, of course).

Not all Oregonians respect the idea of being a platypus. “You’re a Duck fan and you’re going to OSU? Are you crazy?”

I’m not crazy, but I do hide my U of O shirts in my second t-shirt drawer along with the Buffy the Vampire shirt that doesn’t fit me right now. I have Oregon paraphernalia all over my apartment, but I would never put it up in my office. I belong to Beaver Nation right now. And though I will always be a Duck fan, I’m also a member of that school with orange pride. And you know what? I’m totally okay with that.

It’s time for Oregonians to acknowledge the platypus. Maybe it would help if we changed our state animal to a platypus so that people couldn’t throw the legislature in as a trump card. (Oregon’s state animal is currently a beaver.) But… I don’t think that’s going to happen. Oh well.

Tata for now.



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