Platypus Girl take Twenty-One – I like waffles.

It’s a breakfast sort of question: pancakes or waffles? I, Sharece M. Bunn, would pick waffles every time. Pancakes are just so… not waffles. I’ve been a waffle girl for as long as I can remember. For real.

Think pink!

Think pink!

When I started at the U of O, I started to have a whole new appreciation for waffles, well, waffle irons that is. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike and basically the sugar daddy of all athletics in Oregon, made the first pair of Nike shoes on a waffle iron. I know a lot of people think of Nike and the U of O and roll their eyes. I’m actually not one of them. For being a crazy anti-corporation, pro-Peace Corps, let’s-all-go-back-to-the-simple-life kind of person, I sure like the crap Nike makes for the Ducks. I just do.

Now, before you start judging me. I know you were… don’t lie. Be honest: you liked the pink helmets too didn’t you?

Pink helmets. Waffle irons. Uncle Phil. This post was supposed to be about waffles, wasn’t it? Nah. That was just a ploy to remind you that you should have eaten breakfast a few hours ago.

Tata for now.



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