Platypus Girl Take Twenty-Two – A Place for Crafting

Arts and Crafts. This was the subject area in which I earned my first award in school. Yes. It’s true. Mrs. Corona gave me an award at Christmastime for my skills and abilities in art. Amazing. From that moment on, I had proof that I was talented. I didn’t have to enter another classroom or meet another teacher and worry about my talent as an artist: I knew I had it.

I’ve still got the crafty bug in me. I call my creative writing bits art. And my photography skills and ability to manipulate poor quality photos into something artsy and beautiful (not just with the Instagram app, but with art journals, glue, scissors, paints, and things) is pretty awesome. So yeah, I’m an artist. But when I enter a classroom (like what I do every day here at OSU) and I realize that even though I read everything on the syllabus and have debated the issues with friends and in my head, I don’t always have the words to make my point. Half the time when I speak in my grad classes, I feel like I had something important to share and then as I begin to explain it, I sort of personalize it TOO much (which is not good). So I have to focus on my art.

This term, I signed up for my art class at OSU’s Craft Center. What class? Why beginning sewing, of course. Apparel design – way too advanced for me. But I figured that if I could at least learn how to sew two pieces of fabric together, I’d be one step further towards my badge in crafting excellence. (Note: There is no badge in crafting excellence. This is just me being nerdy.)

I feel like embracing the crafty and claiming to be an artist is already improving my life right now. This summer, when I was just chilling at Lowe’s working on creative writing and various art projects, I was in heaven. I love arting and crafting. This is why I signed up for sewing class. Not only will it help me finish the tablecloths that are waiting for me to finish sewing them, but it will give me something else to do as an old maid.

Tata for now.



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