Platypus Girl Take Twenty-Four – I look cute in hats.

It’s true. I’m the Bunn sister that looks the cutest when I wear hats. Shanna wouldn’t deny this and Shelli doesn’t read my blog anymore so she won’t even know that I’m claiming the cute hat wearer award. I discovered this when I was in my early twenties. I had finally broken out of the ugly stage and was looking cute in general but when I put on a cute hat, boy, I was hot stuff.

Now that I’m thirty, I still look good in hats. See?

Beaver on my face

Okay. I know. I sound like a vapid narcissist. Would it help if I posted the photo that inspired me to post about looking great in hats? Wait for it… Ok.


My friend posted this picture to my facebook wall because it reminded her of me. These… cute? Adorable? Platypi reminded Sarah of me? Is she saying they look cute in hats? Because that’s what I’m hoping she’s saying. I hope it’s not that I have an ugly brown nose and claws for fingernails, because I don’t know that I would find that to be as complimentary as the, “Rece, you look good in hats” thing.

Any thoughts?

Tata for now.



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