Is November 2nd too early to think about Christmas? (Not for me!)

So yesterday, I decorated my apartment for Christmas. Don’t worry, it’s not like Santa’s village or anything. I actually got rid of a bunch of my Christmas stuff when I moved to Corvallis because I have hardy any storage space. That said, I still kept a few things and because Halloween was over, I decided to decorate.

I love my Ducks! And yes, I may be a Platypus but Duck colors go better with Christmas.

I love my Ducks! And yes, I may be a Platypus but Duck colors go better with Christmas.

This early craze for Christmas isn’t weird. Not long after I moved into my freshmen dorm (yes, when I was in school, we still were called freshmen and we lived in dorms) in August of 2001, I started to play the Christmas music on my boombox. My roommate thought I was a little crazy. That was the first year I wrote my annual Christmas letter. It didn’t matter that I was 18-years-old and single, I was an adult and I had things to share.

I created my Christmas card and wrote my Christmas letter at the end of September. The box of cards is sitting next to my bed waiting until after Thanksgiving to send out. I’m usually the first to send a Christmas letter and try to hold off until after turkey day if I can restrain myself.

Christmas in general is a happy time for me. I love seeing family. I love the music and I love the feeling of joy and happiness. I’m actually starting to dig the philanthropy that goes around during the holiday season. It used to annoy me, I’d say, “why do people only help others around the holidays? They should be caring every day of the year.” And then I realized that I was being pretty judgy. If people are more generous and kind over the holidays, I figure we’ve got to embrace it and say thank you because being rude and judging people isn’t ever very helpful.

My Christmas traditions usually include family, ham, a purple stockings, a fun outfit, the Beatles, A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, the story in Luke, The Littlest Angel, and peppermint candy canes melted in hot chocolate. I love these things and I love this holiday. I’m not really into presents. In fact, I usually buy myself the thing I’m really wanting. This is true for birthdays too. Actually, for years, I’d been promising to buy myself a record player for my Christmas or birthday. I finally got it this September so I guess this Christmas and birthday are already covered. My mom still tries to make Christmas special for all of us kids. It doesn’t matter that we’re all now in our thirties and the majority of her five children have children of their own, she still wants us to have Christmas in a special way. So… we let her plan, fill the stockings, and wrap up the stuff she gets us every year. I like to guide her in her quest, of course. I don’t need any more card games (in fact, I should start giving some away one of these days) and I don’t need silly presents like vintage Jonathon Taylor Thomas magazine covers (I found a few of these over the summer and disposed of them in the recycle bin). Instead, if my mom really wants to wrap me something, I’d like a bottle of shampoo or maybe container of nutmeg (why does this stuff cost so much these days?). I figure that if most people who go shopping when they’re hungry without a list end up buying the wrong kinds of food, the same is true for people who go gift shopping without the proper gift map. And so I wrote up my Christmas Wish List for 2013 and sent it to my parents and siblings. Some of you might find it weird that I’m sharing this on the web but those that think that obviously aren’t very familiar with Peanut Butter Girl – this is what I do.

So here it is… the letter and the list…

Dearest Siblings and Parents,

So I know we’re not really present givers at Christmas anymore. That said, when we were kids, Ma always had us write “wish lists” and letters to Santa knowing all along that she had no intention of ever getting us the stuff on them if things were so expensive. I’m writing this Christmas wish list knowing that I’ll most likely get nothing on the list.

You may note that the list is different than it’s been in the past. I’m not asking for Amy Grant CDs or a trip to Europe. Instead, I took the Ukrainian route and asked for stuff I need and can use every day. You’ll see what I mean in a second.

Sharece Michelle Bunn’s Christmas Wish List 2013:
• A roll of quarters.
o I know that a roll of quarters equals $10, but it takes me 11 quarters to wash and dry one load of laundry. One roll of quarters allows me to do three full loads of laundry and wash a fourth (no drying).
• Head and Shoulders 2-in-1 shampoo for normal hair. Any size works.
• Dove, Aussie, Garnier, or Pantene shampoo and conditioner for normal hair, not 2-in-1, two separate bottles.
o I know that Suave is cheaper and White Rain or other generic brands cost 97 cents any day. They make my hair look and feel like straw. I’m not a snob about which brand I use from above, I really go for whichever one is on sale.
• A jar of sour kraut
o Kraut is sort of a luxury item. If I had a jar of this to eat with sausages, that would be pretty gnarly (the good kind of gnarly).
• Hand soap – the scented kind that costs $1 at Jo-Anns
o If it smells good and doesn’t remind you of a nursing home, I’ll probably like it.
• A bottle of concentrated dish liquid for hand-washing dishes. It doesn’t matter what brand, but I prefer the green or orange kind and scent (please no yellow lemon-scent).

There you have it, my wish list. Don’t you love how amazing and exciting 30-year-old single women can be?




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