Ukraine Calling

You’ve heard the song London Calling, right? Do you actually know what it’s about? I don’t. I never really got into the lyrics except that it has the word London in it. I’m sure it’s smart or edgy or perhaps it’s really nothing in particular. I listened to London calling at the beginning of the summer of 2002 before I went to London for a month-long study abroad trip but I never caught on to the meaning. Here’s why: I wanted the song to be about what I wanted it to be about.

To me, London Calling was about London calling me to it. I grew up in a churchy home. We knew all about God’s calling and how a calling meant that you were supposed to follow the itch that was leading somewhere. That’s how I felt about London and England in general. London was calling me and I had to go.

Recently, I’ve had a strange sort of feeling about Ukraine. When I left Ukraine the last time in June of 2012, I was ready to say goodbye to that delightful country for a long time. I was moving on and I was ready to move up. But somehow, in the past few weeks, Ukraine continues to jump into my mind. Sometimes it’s the techno music that transports me back. Sometimes it’s the rainy fall weather. And sometimes, on days like today, I see things that really make me think of Ukraine.


Those books would make you think of Ukraine too, right?

I don’t think that seeing those books today was a sign or that I’m being called to go back to Ukraine right away. But I do think that Ukraine and I might not be done yet. That’s a strange and crazy thought.

Tata for now.



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