Today I spent some quality time in the big bookstore in my town. It was great. It was amazing. I felt wonderful, alive and full of life. This is how I know I’m a book nerd. Another way I know I’m a book nerd has to do with what happened a about a month and a half ago when a friend came to visit me. After hanging out in my apartment for a while where he saw the shelves overflowing with books, we went for a walk in downtown Corvallis. As we walked past a bookstore on 4th Street he said, “I bet you spend a lot of time here, huh?” My response: “Actually no. There are two other bookstores in town that are way better.” I hadn’t realized that he was trying to tease me about my nerdiness. And rather than avoiding the book nerd label, I added to it by admitting that I know the difference between the different qualities of bookstores.

True book nerds love books. They buy books. They read books. They discuss books in the strangest places. They love books. They hate books. They stop reading books when certain parts of the books aggravate them or bore them. Book nerds are book nerds because they spend time with books. Book nerds tend to like to learn. Some book nerds are anal-retentive and get upset when you dog-ear their pages or keep their books for unreasonable amounts of time. Other book nerds want you to have their books and to pass them on to other hungry readers. Book nerds vary in type, but book nerds have one very important thing in common: books.

Hope you had time to pick up a book today.



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