Life ain’t easy.

When you grow up watching Disney’s Sleepy Beauty and dream about living the perfect life of a princess, you end up with a distorted view of life. Princess Aurora has three fairies doting over her and she meets a prince in the woods. The only bad thing that happens to her is that she pricks her finger (barely drawing blood) and she gets to take a really long nap. What’s so bad about that? I could sure go for a nap like that right now. Seriously.

Unlike the Disney fairytale, life doesn’t always pan out the way we want it to. We don’t always slay the dragon. Sometimes we are the dragon. What I mean by that is that not only do we occasionally have bad morning breath, but sometimes we protect things we shouldn’t; we hold on to the things we find valuable in our lives, like unhealthy relationships or useless material possessions when in reality, we would be much happier if we gave up guarding and fighting for those things that hold us back. Sometimes we don’t give them up because we’ve established an emotional attachment and we don’t want to deal with any emotional turmoil by letting go. But we sort of have to, right? We’ve got to move on and continue to grow. Holding on to the things and people that stunt our growth as individuals is a mediocre move. And really, we should all strive to be a bit better than mediocre. We’re not weak Disney princesses. We are real people with more than two dimensions; we might as well live our lives with multiple dimensions.

Tata for now.



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