Trip to Weatherford Hall

Last night, I went on a tour of Weatherford Hall at OSU. It’s the cool building that is on all of the brochures for Oregon State. I don’t have a particular picture of the building to share, but I am going to share this one.

View from weatherford.11.14.13

iOS7 allows you to take panoramic photos with your iPhone camera. #love. And yes, I would also love the view from Weatherford if I were young enough/rich enough/motivated enough to try to live here.

The second photo of the day is the chicken door.

Chicken Door Weatherford.11.14.13

When they closed Weatherford in 1994 because it was worn down, students decided to paint their doors with unique, fun designs. The chicken (or rather ROOSTER) door was one example of artistic expression young Weatherford residents showed for their room separating apparatuses.

#groovy, yeah?

Tata for now.



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