Sewing Class

I signed up for a craft sewing class in September. I’ve wanted to learn to sew forever because I want to be able to make my own clothes. One of my “real” classes is about the history of American higher education. In that class, we’ve gotten to read about the horrible curriculum women had to go through in early higher ed. A woman’s place, you know, is in the home taking care of children. (I just took a break to go throw up for a second.) Granted, I sort of want to be a mom some day, but that doesn’t mean that because I’m a woman I’m destined to be a mom. In fact, it’s highly likely that I will turn 65 without ever having gotten married or had children and that’s perfectly ok. Because I’m a woman, I don’t have to take on any particular role in this world. Because I’m a woman shouldn’t mean I’m restricted or that I have to do any certain thing in life.

Yes, I’m a woman, but I’m also an individual. I’m an individual who likes to bake, does my laundry before it starts to stink, makes my bed in the morning, writes in journals, reads a lot of books, and wants to learn how to sew. Does this mean that I’m doing the “girly” thing or that I’m doing what women must do? No. I’m doing what I want to do. I clean my laundry and make my bed because I’m a bit of a nutter who can’t stand messes. I bake because it helps me distress and also because eating sweets allows me to have close relationships to dentists (so not true – I’m laughing at this one.). I write because it helps me deal with my frustrations. And I’m learning to sew because one day I want to live independently of all of the clothing companies that dominate our world.

Who knew a simple sewing class would bring up all this passionate discussion?

Since it's Thursday, here's the picture that inspired my mini speech on being a woman. This is an "instagramed" photo of the fabric I'm using for the dress I'm making.

Since it’s Thursday, here’s the picture that inspired my mini speech on being a woman. This is an “instagramed” photo of the fabric I’m using for the dress I’m making.


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