Beatles for Christmas

My first Beatles album was Beatles 1. I know – amateur. But that’s how it went. I was in high school. My best friend Sarah listened to the Beatles all the time. I wanted to join in on the cool music and so I asked my parents to get me the new album that was coming out. It worked. I got that red CD of number one hits and listened to it over and over. Did I mention that I got this album for Christmas? After my family was done opening presents and my dad had put in one of his new movies, I went to my room, lay on my blue and green shag carpet on my bedroom floor and listened. It was awesome. For that reason, the Beatles became Christmas music to me. This doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to the Beatles throughout the year – I do. It just means that the Beatles will always remind me of that day on the shag carpet. And honestly, shag carpet in the year 1999 = pretty awesome.

Tata for now.



2 thoughts on “Beatles for Christmas

  1. The Beatles are definitely a year-long thing. Do you like Paul McCartney’s Christmas song? I just posted about a new Beatles book you probably would enjoy. It focuses on their manager, Brian Epstein. Anyway you look at it, it’s a treasure trove of information and a great story.

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