Catching Fire

I sort of promised myself I would wait until I finished writing my two term papers before I went to watch Catching Fire, the second movie in the Hunger Games trilogy. I went well before I finished even one of the papers, but I really wanted to. And it was worth it.

The Hunger Games trilogy tells the story of oppression. In what was once North America, the government forces young people to participate in a set of games in which kids have to fight one-another to the death as a way for the government to show that they have control.

I watched the first movie in Poland in March of 2012
. I’d read the books several times, but the movie came out while I was traveling with my mom through Poland and Germany. I remember crying a lot while watching the movie, thinking about the oppression people in Poland had suffered through time and time again. How lucky was I to be born in America where my white skin protects me from oppression?

I watched Catching Fire by myself here in Corvallis on Sunday. There was an obnoxious guy a few seats away who was trying to hit on me. I didn’t buy into it because (1) I like someone else and (2) I’m not going to get picked up before watching a cinematic interpretation of a young adult dystopian lit novel.

The movie was amazing. The costumes were beautiful and the actors really pulled off the story. There are times when movies don’t really live up to the book. This wasn’t one of those times. Catching Fire was an amazing book. It was the book I couldn’t put down and barely stopped reading enough to go to work for the day. The movie was just as good. I didn’t want it to end but since I’d read the book, I knew when it was coming to a close.

I’m a little nervous for Mockingjay, the third installment in the series. There are some of us who weren’t really satisfied with how the book ended. It would be nice if the filmmakers fixed this in their interpretation, but who knows how that will pan out.

In case you didn’t catch this, I’m not giving away anything in this blog post. I don’t believe is spoilers for the Hunger Games. I would tell you right away that you sort of need to read the books, because they’re amazing, but watching the movie will definitely be a good thing as well. I give the movie five stars.

Oh – and for the record – I was always Team Peeta. I’ve always had a thing for blond boys who bake, duh!

Tata for now.



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