December 7th

When I was in sixth grade, I had to complete a project about world travel. I paired up with my good friend, Abby Kearns and we made a video about traveling across the world… to Disneyland and to Hawaii. We were big dreamers back then. To show what Disneyland was like, she wore her Mickey ears hat from Disneyland (her family went about once a year). To show Hawaii, we filmed a mini boat from Battleship in the bathtub and dropped a silver marble on it. I kid you not. We were very unsympathetic, strange sixth graders. The video was awful, but I would pay good money to get a copy of it. (When I say good money, I mean I’d bribe Abby with a few mixed drinks.)

Today marks the anniversary of the bombing at Pearl Harbor. We learn about this day in history classes in grade school and beyond, but how often do we really think about what it signified? War. Death. Atomic bombs. Tragedy. I will always remember December 7th and I don’t know that as a sixth grader, I was taught to nor did I understand how to process this.

Until next time.



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