Snow Day!!!

I associate snow days with being in grade school. Back then I never had any homework to do. I was pretty much carefree and when I woke up on a snow day, I could head outside to feed the animals first thing in the morning and the rest of the day was MINE.

As an adult, I almost don’t know what to do with a snow day. I had half a snow day last Friday and a full snow day today. On Friday, I just got a head start of my homework. Because a bunch of my meetings were cancelled, I finished my big poster project early. And then for the past few days, I hung out, chilled, did some homework, and RELAXED. It’s weird though. My grad school friends from California keep saying, “this is so foreign to me.” Well – yeah. It is to me too. As a native Oregonian, I feel I have a right to admit that we Oregonians don’t necessarily know how to drive in the snow. It’s just fact. And because none of us know how to drive on snow or ice and we don’t have the equipment to alleviate the dangerous winter conditions, we cancel school. OSU was shut down. How often does this happen? My undergraduate institution didn’t even call off classes when 9/11 happened. I had to go to history AND psychology that very day. But here in Corvallis, we have some snow flurries and it’s “take the day off?” Such is the difference between Idaho and Oregon, I suppose.

So the good thing about the snow day is that my big brother called me. OSU had made it to the news! He was calling to make sure I had food and heat in my house. Luckily, I had both.

Other highlights of snow madness are illustrated below.

Picture one: On Friday, I got to hang out with some really cool people from my cohort and take pictures of us in the snow.


Picture two: And when we found out school was cancelled Monday, a few of us got together for a no school day slumber party baking party.


This sort of thing doesn’t happen enough so am I mad at the snow? Of course not. Am I going to be mad if it snows again tomorrow? We’ll see. I really wanna get this term over with!

Tata for now.



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