Deep Thoughts on Life and Getting Old

When you’re sick, you realize who really loves you. Most of us are pretty miserable when we’re sick and not feeling well. We growl, gripe, and tell people we don’t need them even though we really do. The ones that really love us and care about us stick around when we’re sick and give us tea and take our temperature. If it sounds as if I’m making huge generalizations, I would have to admit that yes – that is true. Not everyone likes to be taken care of. But when I’m sick, I like to be pampered. So when I get old, I’m either going to have to convince one of my nieces to take care of me, or I’m going to have to live in one of those retirement communities. Because when I’m a sick, old, crotchety woman, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a hard time finding NEW folks to love me and choose to care for me (unless I’m paying them). Humph.

Tata for now.



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