Oh Ukraine, I feel for you.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Ukraine has been in the news a lot recently. The country is in uproar because, quite frankly, the country is split. Half of the country supports the president, Viktor Yanukovych and want to reestablish connections with Russia. And half of the country is against Yanukovych and wanted to sign an EU deal when it was on the table. This is not a new debate. This has been going on for years, since before the Orange Revolution in 2004.

I was talking to my mom the other day and I said how sorry I felt for my friends in Ukraine right now. Most of my friends live in Western Ukraine and they support Western ideology and hope to progress with other parts of Europe, but my one “aunt” in Eastern Ukraine was pro-Russia. She barely understood when I spoke to her in Ukrainian. She talked to me, of course, because I was the person who kept her mom (Baba Masha) busy during my two years living in her hometown. But she still spoke back to me in Russian because from what I understood, in her mind, Russia was still the leader of Ukraine.

Some of my students from TNPU are active on facebook. They’re constantly writing messages about their country and how they want people to sign the petition to join the EU. I applaud these students. I also don’t know what lies ahead for these students or for my beloved host country. Ukraine is broken. I truly hope that something happens soon that will bring healing to this country, but honestly, I don’t know how or when this is likely to happen.

Tata for now.



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