The Three TV Sensations that are Dominating My Winter Break

Fall term is over. I let my guard down. I got sick. I drank tea. I turned on the TV. Here’s what I found: I’m picky about TV… in some ways. But I will literally waste a weekend day watching TV and napping to get over this stupid cold. I’ve been semi-loyal though and have limited my watching to three TV sensations. Here’s what they are.

1. Awkward on MTV – I love this show. I discovered it a while ago and watched the whole first two seasons. I just loved Jenna and Matty as a couple. This week, I think there’s some sort of Awkward marathon going on because I’ve been able to watch older and newer episodes. HILARIOUS. And incredibly awkward.
2. Scandal on Hulu – So because I don’t have HuluPlus, I can’t watch all of season three, but I’ve watched all of season one and most of season two. Season three is INSANE. People came back from the dead? People turned from good to evil? What is going on? (By the way, I’m not really giving anything away in case you’re anti-spoilers like my sister Shanna.)
3. Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel – Talk about cheesy holiday movies. I love it. If my dad decided to stop boycotting the cable networks and finally get TV at his house again, he would split his time between the Hallmark Channel and the Food Network. But these days, I’m pretty sure hour upon hour would be spent watching cheesy holiday films.

That’s it. I’m trying to be relatively “normal” by mixing up my entertainment by throwing in the She & Him Holiday Album on the record player. But besides that, I’m doing great at wasting my Winter Break.

Tata for now.



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