A Little Shout Out to Sweaters this Hump Day

I have a favorite sweater. It’s white and has colorful designs all over it. I wore it last Christmas and my brother Ben told me that our Christmas dinner wasn’t an ugly sweater party. I changed. When I was getting ready to go dancing with friends recently, I asked my friend Esther what I should wear. I said, “not this sweater,” pointing to the crazy sweater, “even though I love it.” Esther chuckled. I haven’t worn the sweater recently because I think the sweater deserves to be treasured and thus far, I haven’t found the place to wear it.

Some people create sweaters that take many hours of labor to make but that don’t find the love they deserve until Christmastime comes around and they are appreciated in mocking fashion.

Jimmy Fallon recognized the horror of forgotten sweaters and dedicated five days on his show to sharing the love of Christmas sweaters. Please show your respect.

Have fun wearing your favorite sweater this holiday season.



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