How Stannual Starts My Christmas Holidays

I have a big family. So – I grew up with two brothers and two sisters so that means my immediate family is pretty big compared to many. But I’m talking about the bigger clan. The Bunn family consists of more blood relatives than the original BBJ seven (my dad, mom, brothers, sisters, and I) can count on our fingers and toes. If you do the math, you’d be able to see that there are more than 70 Bunns in the big Bunn family. (7 times 10 equals 70). Anyway, so my grandparents had a total of 13 kids, 11 of who are still alive to this day.
Early on, my grandparents made this tradition that they would have a “Bunn Christmas” every other year. In my opinion, it was always a great tradition. That was until the family got so large that every family get-together started feeling like the first day of school. By this, of course, I mean that each time you see the big family you have to tell your “story” and explain where you are, what you’re doing, and why you are still single in your early thirties (this is something I hate explaining – why I’m single – trust me, if I knew how to effectively NOT be single, I would have fixed this by now). Well, although I don’t like the discomfort and occasional judgment when I talk about what direction my life does or does not have at any moment in time, I still tag along with my parents to family get-togethers.

Today was one of those tag-along experiences. I’ve been living in Corvallis, Oregon, which is about an hour away from where I grew up. I don’t actually make it home much because school keeps me pretty busy. But when I decided to come home to spend the week with my folks, I figured I’d be tagging along to the extended family events they wanted to attend. Today included the ice-skating event (which I did skip) and the Stannual Christmas party. The Stannual party is my Uncle Stan’s annual Christmas party. The party consists of many different foods, sodas, and random Christmas trivia. In my experience, the Stannual party kicks off the holiday season. And honestly, that’s sort of what happened today. Today felt like the first day that I was truly on a break from the stress of my academic existence. I love studying. I mean – a love of learning is part of my genetic makeup. But I like to just chill and actually feel like I am indeed “on vacation.” And that’s sort of what I’m trying to balance right now. How can I enjoy my holidays without over-stimulating my brain with the intense subjects I’ve been studying and thinking about for the past four months? The truth is that I can’ really shut off my brain, but I suppose I could actually engage in watching Love Actually with my parents right now and let myself think for the next few hours that Love really is all around. Even if it isn’t – it’s Christmas and people, for the most part, tend to be relatively jolly this time of year.

Tata for now.



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