The Best Movie of the Holiday Season: It’s A Wonderful Life

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 3.25.18 PMThere’s a certain movie that sort of defines Christmas for me. It’s called, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Now I know if you’re a Friends fanatic, you may recall when Phoebe Buffay watched Old Yeller for the first time. After that, she watched It’s A Wonderful Life, but she couldn’t make it to the end of the movie. She wanted to rename the film, “It’s A Sucky Life.” The reason is because in the movie, George Bailey is on a bridge and he wants to jump to his death. He feels as if he has let everyone down and that he’s a failure. This angel Clarence comes down to earth and gets him to realize how much he’s helped everyone. He gets to go back through his life and see what would have happened if he’d never been born. CRAZY.

I think this is one of my parents’ favorite movies. Before they started their massive movie collection, this was the first one they owned. It’s the movie we used to watch every year at the Stannual Christmas party. It’s pretty much my favorite holiday movie. Yes – I like it much better than White Christmas. (This is probably because I have a crush on Jimmy Stewart.)

Another reason I love this movie is because at the end, there’s so much hope. I think most of us have occasional slumps. There are times when we doubt ourselves and question if we’re doing the right things with our lives. We have to take time to enjoy life and realize how lucky we are. I may be a single lady, but I have been blessed with amazing parents, siblings, and nieces and nephew. My family rocks. And I have new and old friends who get me and help me become a better person. I have to remember that and spend time with them. And if I have to watch It’s A Wonderful Life to get me to remember this, I’m totally fine with that.

So here’s the trailer for the film. It’s old – from 1946.

And here are the last few minutes of the film – the hopeful bit. Please watch and enjoy.

Merry Christmas!



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