Getting Through the Holidays with Family

I love Christmas! Most people know this about me. I love the music, the movies, the decorations, the happy people, the snow, the cantatas, pretty much all of it. But there’s one thing about the holidays that I dislike: family drama. Family drama is real and organic, but in my personal opinion, it’s unpleasant. Family drama taints the beauty of the season. The drama is what makes some people dislike the holidays. I don’t let the drama get to me though. I’ve developed some strategies to help me get through them. Because I’m so awesome, I’ve decided to share these coping mechanisms with you, my loyal readers. In advance, I just want to say, “You are very welcome.”

Here goes.

The Best Ever Coping Strategies to Dealing with Family During the Holidays:

1. Listen to the Beatles. If you use the Beatles as a soundtrack to your holiday festivities, even your cousin who is an atheist will be fine. Plus, when your dad and brother start to argue over the bowl games, you can bust out “Come Together” and surely the tension will cease (or they’ll all deck you – Eeks!).

2. Drink wine. I feel like once my family introduced wine to the holiday festivities, even the sensitive subjects were breached without anyone getting too angry.

3. Get a nutcracker and shell nuts. When your two uncles are debating healthcare in the corner, shell your nuts. When they call out for an opinion, make sure you’re invested in your nut shelling business enough that you miss their prompt. They’ll most likely be too lazy to get out of their chairs to seek out your opinion so you should be fine.

4. Volunteer for kitchen duty. When you’re stuck in the kitchen, you don’t have to play games with your competitive in-laws.

5. Play with the kids. Let them tell you about all of the presents they got for Christmas. This trick is awesome because it helps you avoid the uncomfortable questions about your love life. This is especially helpful if your relationships have been in the “it’s complicated” category throughout the year.

6. Take a nap. This doesn’t always work if you live in the same town as the family you’re visiting, but if you’re from out-of-town, you can always claim that the trip exhausted you and that you need to rest your eyes for a bit.

7. Feign a hangover. Claim that you had too much Egg Nog at your work party the night before, thus you can’t really take the stress involved with interactive socializing.

8. Be the photographer. When you’re the person taking the pictures, your narcissistic family members won’t even ask about how you are and will pose for the camera. This is also helpful if you put on any weight during the year. If you control the pictures, there won’t be any evidence of your chubby stage.

9. Smile and nod. This is not my favorite method, but sometimes you can do a lot of inner dialogue and come up with great stories when your great uncle is droning on about his pig farm. If you smile and nod and throw in an occasional well-timed chuckle, you’ll be golden.

There you go – nine strategies to help you cope with your family this holiday season. Happy Hump Day and, of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tata for now.



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