The Peacock

The Peacock is a Corvallis institution. It has been there for decades. It’s the place my friend took me to sing karaoke. It’s where my friends and I went dancing. The Peacock is a special place. My friend Gail met her long-time boyfriend there. I have joked that if I meet a guy in grad school and we decide to get married that I’ll have my wedding at the Peacock. I won’t really do this and if I do, I think I should be committed.

Peacock.12.27.13So the Peacock has two parts. There is the downstairs bar with a bar, pool tables, and karaoke. And there is the dance club upstairs. That upstairs area is called The Top of the (Pea)Cock.

When you go to the Peacock, you will see a lot of people. I’m sure if you wanted to, you could meet people here, but I’m more of a “I-go-dancing-to-dance-out-my-stress-I’m-not-here-to-meet-a-guy” kind of person. Plus, my dance moves aren’t great. I don’t think I’m going to win any prize at a dance club, trust me.

But prizes are not always the reason for doing something. Sometimes, we learn by trying, right? So my challenge to any and all friends who visit Corvallis is to seek out the Peacock. It’s really… a memorable place. And I really feel that all people should have the opportunity to dance off their tushies to Usher (you have to request Yeah! but they’ll play it) at The Top of the (Pea)Cock.


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