New Years Goal Setting – Ready? Go!

It’s almost 2014. And when the New Year comes, many people try to set New Years goals. I plan on working on some goals come Tuesday evening. I’ll probably end up focusing on school stuff like working on balance and stressing out a little less. That would be good for my physical and mental health.

I actually suggest that people make New Years goals. Sure, sometimes people make unrealistic goals and fail to follow through, but honestly, I’m all for making goals and trying to fulfill them. I accidentally made a few too many goals for 2013. I didn’t follow through. For example on my goal/bucket list I said I would go to a high school play. I didn’t make it. Whoops. Now, I’ll know not to make unrealistic goals… or maybe I’ll just have to follow through a little better.

Happy Goal Setting!

Tata for now.



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