Peanut Butter Girl’s Plan for 2014

Well folks! It’s been a great year. As you can tell from yesterday’s post, much happened. Things I personally am looking forward to in 2014 can be counted with the fingers on my right hand.

The thumb is for Mockingjay Part I, the first installment of the final episode of the Hunger Games Trilogy. The movie supposed to be released in November.

The index finger is for my tax return. I should be getting money back. Woohoo!

The middle finger is for when I actually visit the eye doctor and get contacts again. I do have insurance, but I have so little time to make the appointment these days.

The ring finger is for my wedding. Wait. That’s not right. It’s for the trip to Disneyland for my dad’s 65th birthday in June.

And the pinky is for a great year of blogging again, both here and on JourneyCSSA for my master’s program.

Now that we’ve established the excitement that’s coming, let’s discuss Peanut Butter Girl. This past year, I decided to have some structure to the blog with different themes for each day of the week. It was fun and I liked it. Since I’m not a mom, I don’t have a dog, and because in 2013 I had three very different jobs, I wasn’t able to blog about any of those things. That’s why 2013 was full of daily themes and occasional monthly challenges. In 2014, I’m going with the monthly themes. I thought about this a lot and just the other day solidified each month. So here you go – Peanut Butter Girl’s 2014 Monthly Themes.

January: How Tos. Since the New Year causes a lot of people to make resolutions and try new things, I’m going to attempt to blog about 31 different How tos. I’m sure you’ll see that my How tos are related to me and my interests. This is just how it works, especially when you’re a grad student.

February: Oregon. Oregon’s birthday is February 14th. I love Oregon. This is my state. So I’m going to write about it.

March: Exploring American Traditions. The fact that March Madness dominates so many people’s Marches inspired this one.

April: Photos. I like photos. I was born in April. You see the connection, right?

May: Music. Music starts with M as does the month of May. Music makes me happy and I think I should blog about it.

June: Jobs. A lot of people graduate from high school and college in May or June. I’ll attempt to give job advice or perhaps I’ll just explore different jobs that exist. For example, do pencil sellers still exist? If not, why do we still use this when we play M.A.S.H.?

July: People. Why not spend a month writing about random people? (This may change if secret summer plans can happen.)

August: Movies. I like movies. August is a summer month. Would it be totally lazy to watch a movie a day and blog about it? (I can always cheat by writing about the reviews I already recorded in my movie journal.)

September: Why School Rocks. Classes start in September. I like learning. So I’m going to try to encourage others to love learning and school investing the entire month of September blogging about it.

October: Around the World Celebrations. This is an excuse to write about Oktoberfest and also Halloween.

November: Word of the Day. In case I get stuck with intense term papers in November again, I figure I can at least write about a special work from the dictionary. (Plus, I need to enhance my vocabulary.)

December: Create. I like to create things. December is the month of Christmas. Perhaps if I spend the month blogging about creations and crafts, I’ll finish my nieces’ homemade gifts earlier in 2014.

So there you have it – Peanut Butter Girl’s plan for 2014. I hope you keep reading.




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