How to Decide if You Wanna Be a Tweeter

Twitter is my friend. It just is. I love Twitter. I feel like on sad days, the weight of the world I carry with me is actually lifted by using Twitter. But my dad doesn’t seem to be that interested in Twitter. It could be his age; he’s 64. But in reality, I think it’s that his eyesight is too bad. He can’t really follow the constant updates and scroll to the new news fast enough to get what’s really going on.

I’ve discovered seven things that help people decide if Twitter is right for them or if perhaps they should stick to boring old facebook.

Seven Ways to Decide if Twitter is Right for You:

1. When you’re public transportation, do you listen in to the random loud people’s conversations even though those people are “annoying with no social skills?” If so, you might like Twitter. If listening to these people talk about their problems totally frustrates you to the point that you begin to pick at your eyebrows with your nails, you might not like Twitter.
2. Do you like technology? If you got rid of your cell phone because you were tired of old people calling you, perhaps stay away from Twitter.
3. Do you like blue birds? Perhaps the logo will attract you to Twitter?
4. Is 140 a good number for you? Tweets cannot be more than 140 characters so perhaps you will like Twitter because of the short messages.
5. Did you like the word “twitterpated” from the movie Bambi? Perhaps you’ll be similarly enamored with Twitter.
6. Do you like to find news, updates, and interesting stories all in one place? Twitter is awesome for this.
7. Does facebook annoy you? Try Twitter. It’s SO MUCH BETTER!

Like I said before, Twitter is my friend. If the seven things I mentioned above speak to you in a pro-Twitter way, I say sign up today.

Happy Tweeting!



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