How to Pick a Twitter Handle

When I was working at Nampa High School, my students found out I was on Twitter. This was totally my fault. I mean, I’m the one who brought up Twitter and then realized that they might end of finding me. WHOOPS! Well, the first student that found me mentioned loudly to the class, “I bet her handle is something boring like her name or something.” He was right, of course. I picked my social media names to be normal because, well, I’m an adult and I live in a professional world and I want people to know who I am.

Some people like to have random names, sort of like when email first become popular and people would create random yahoo email accounts once a week to “switch it up.” I would not do this again, because… I’m not 14 anymore.

However, there are 14 year-olds out there who like silly names and usernames. Well, that’s just fine. I’m thinking not many 14 year-olds read this blog so I’m not really concerned with helping them out with this task.

For those of you who are considering picking out a name and can’t quite decide (i.e. Me two months ago when I was getting my grad school portfolio stuff put together), this is for you.

How to Pick a Twitter Handle (in Seven Steps):

1. Honestly, if you’re planning on using this as a tool for your profession, use your name and link it to your LinkedIn profile. If your name is taken, add your middle initial. Do the creative things universities do, but stick to your name and initials. You can find a combination that works.
2. If your Twitter is a way for you to find followers for your blog, come up with a handle that matches your blog i.e. @sewqueen.
3. Be professional. Whatever you put out there that is public, your current and future bosses will be able to see.
4. Be politically correct. It matters.
5. If your first Twitter handle was @juicygirl57 when you were 14 but you’re now in college and getting ready to apply for a job, ditch @juicygirl57 and revisit step one. Your name is always a safe bet.
6. This isn’t so much about the handle, but it needs to be said, BE CAUTIOUS WITH WHAT YOU POST. BE SAFE WITH YOUR WORDS.
7. Pick a Twitter handle and tweet. If you never actually pick your Twitter handle, you won’t be able to join the awesome world of Twitter, Tweets, and hashtags on Twitter.

Tweet! Tweet!



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