How to Understand Hashtags

My dad doesn’t really get hastags. Well, maybe now he does because of this post I wrote in November or this video I’m embedding again here.

Hashtags are not for the faint of heart. Hashtags are serious business. I love hashtags more than I love my ex’s dog (perhaps you see why we never worked out).

So to keep with the Twitter/hashtag theme that has dominated Peanut Butter Girl the last few days, here you have it.

How to Understand Hashtags in a List of Seven:

1. Hashtags help you organize information.
2. Hashtags help you find people with similar interests. (i.e. If you use #gradschoolproblems, you can find other people with the same problems.)
3. Hashtags use the pound sign.
4. Watch the video above. I feel like this explains the overuse and also the awesomeness of hashtags.
5. Hashtags help the government label you and put you in factions. (Do I sense a bit of Divergent, conspiracy theory in myself? Why yes, I do.)
6. Hashtags help girls who like them weed out the potential guys who won’t ever understand what we’re all about.
7. Hashtags signify awesomeness.

This was helpful, right? I knew it was. For those of you like my mom who want more explanation, Social Media Today has you covered. (Just click on the part that highlights with your mouse).

Tata for now, friends.



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