How to Come Up With Truly Awesome Hashtags

Ok. I get it. You have realized that I’ve replaced my depression and angst from the fall with an obsession with Twitter and Hashtags. That’s ok. You were bound to discover this eventually. I love Twitter. Before Twitter, I didn’t even know what love was.

This post isn’t really about my love for Twitter but about my love for hashtags and should give you a few hints when coming up with hashtags for your own. My friend Emma comes up with killer hashtags. I have giggle fits when she I read her hashtaggy tweets.

Here’s a hint. In the pieces I wrote above, I could have had some truly amazing hashtags.






You get it right?

Here are seven clues to create tubular hashtags:

1. Use the pound sign. If you forget it, you don’t have a hashtag.
2. Avoid using other punctuation or spaces if you want a long and funny hashtag.
3. Share what you’re feeling.
4. Be funny, but don’t be crass.
5. Mention people. If you have Twitter friends who also use hashtags, use hashtags that may spark a response and you’ll suddenly have a full-on conversation going.
6. #havefun #hashtagsareawesome Enjoy the adventure.
7. #keepcalmandhashtagon (I think I’m going to make a sign like this for my apartment.




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