How to Get Rid of a Guy Who is Interested In You

Unfortunately, I know a lot about the topic of this blog post. The good thing is that at least half of the time, my actions are intentional. The other half – well, let’s just say that I don’t have a problem being myself (though I have heard that to “hook” a guy it’s important to have some things secret). Some of you might be wondering, wait Rece, WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO GET RID OF A GUY WHO IS INTERESTED IN YOU? I love your question. There are many reasons: you feel like spending the winter inside reading books; you’re pining after an old fling; you just started grad school and can’t handle the stress involved with your relationship; or he may like you, but you don’t like him.

See. There were reasons. Now as for HOW to do this. This is the best part.

How to get rid of a guy who is interested in you (in seven steps):

1. Overcommunicate. This is a generalization, but in my experience, most guys (including my two brothers, my father, and countless guy friends I’ve known in my 30 years on year) are not the most open communicators. When I overcommunicate, this tends to overwhelm even the best guys in my life (I’m talking about my dad, by the way.).

2. Be funny. Despite what guys say, they don’t want funny girls. They prefer to be the ones to give one-liners. (This may or may not be completely accurate but definitely applies to a recent situation I read about.)

3. Move to a different city. This will definitely work.

4. Ask him a bunch of personal questions. Sure this is related to number one, but it is such a powerful move that it needs its own number.

5. Talk about how much you love chocolate. This will freak the guy out. He’ll start to worry about the amount of chocolate you consume and where the calories will cling to your figure.

6. Have food in your teeth. Stop checking the mirror or asking friends if you got the pieces of pepper out. Keep the food pieces in your teeth so that when he awkwardly tells you about it, you can get it out and say, “Yum – a snack.” He will run for his life.

7. Point out every difference the two of you have: music tastes, age, upbringing, favorite foods, school interests, etc. Soon enough, you’ll have nothing to say to one another.

Note: if you find yourself actually interested in this guy who is interested in you… ignore all of these suggestions and just see what happens. You never know what can happen.

Tata for now.



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