How to Pick Good Cheese

Come on! You know you like cheese. But do you know how to pick the good stuff? Let’s check.

Seven Steps to Picking Out Great Cheese:
1. Get out of the aisle with the yogurt and cheese. You’re not in the right place.
2. Walk over near the bread or deli section. You see that island of awesome cheeses? Now you’re in heaven.
3. Look at the labels. The best cheeses will not have cheapo generic labels.
4. Put it up to your nose and smell it. NOT! Gross. Could you imagine seeing this in the store? So creepy. Check out the price per pound, this will tell you about how exotic the cheese is. The higher price per pound, the more regal.
5. Pick the smaller block. This is good for many reasons: it saves money, it will decrease the amount of cheese fat you ingest, and if you’re a real cheese lover, you can buy a second small block with the money you “saved” by not buying the big block.
6. Walk over to the wine aisle. Pick something to pair it with.
7. Pay for the cheese. This is an important step. If you steal the cheese from the store, you’re likely to get caught and then you’ll develop a distaste for fancy cheese.

Happy cheese eating!



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