How to Find Your Perfect Friend Group

Moving to a new place can be strange and different. Finding friends is essential to settling in and making your new city your home. But if you’re not a student or you’re not into making friends at work, making friends might be difficult. Because I’m a sensitive, caring individual, I have decided to give you a few tips that will help you find the perfect friend group for you. Here you have it – how to find the perfect friend group in seven steps.

1. Go to a local shop that has your kind of things – antiques, home décor, kitchen stuff, shoes, whatever it is you like, spend time there. Talk to the shop assistants and the other customers. One of these people could be your new best friend.
2. Go to the movie theater and watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see… by yourself. The other people in the theater could be your new movie buddies. If there’s another person sitting alone close to you, he or she may be your soul mate.
3. Put a personal ad in the local paper… for a friend. See who calls you. If you’re actually a person daring enough to put an ad like this in the paper, you’ll probably be the right friend for the person who actually responds to the ad.
4. Spend time writing or reading in a local coffee shop. Befriend the baristas. Make sure they spell your name correctly. Once you become friends, you’ll finally have someone to go to concerts with. (This is totally based on the stereotype that baristas have good taste in music.)
5. Attend the free Spanish classes at the local library. Learn Spanish and make friends.
6. Sign up for a class at the local community college. Form a study group. Now you have friends!
7. Go to the gym and work out. Meet people who can keep you accountable for your workouts. Become gym friends.

I know. This list was genius.

Good luck finding friends!



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