How to Quit Procrastinating

This is a problem for me. This should be obvious because I have a huge draft of a paper due tomorrow and instead of writing that, I’m blogging. Whoops.

So here are the steps in how to quit procrastinating.

Seven Steps to Quit Procrastinating:

  1. Give up all hobbies. For example – if I were to give up blogging completely, I would have way more of my grad school work done early.
  2. Turn off your cell phone. Those phone calls and texts from friends are just distractions. Ignore all of them and get your work done.
  3. Keep working until you are done. Don’t take any breaks. Just push through.
  4. Only exercise after you’re done with the task. Use your workout as a reward for finishing your work.
  5. Sleep less. If you’re awake longer in the day, you can get more things done.
  6. Drink loads of coffee and caffeinated soda. You need to stay awake to get things done.
  7. Give up all social activities. This way you’ll be more productive.

There you have them, the seven steps to quit procrastinating… and make your life horrible. In my opinion, procrastination can cause unwanted stress and can be bad for your health, but following any of the seven steps I wrote above will really be more of a burden. You need to take time to take care of yourself and enjoy life. You only get one life, right? Might as well enjoy it.

Tata for now.



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