How to Pick Out an Outfit When You Live by Yourself

Come on. Be real. You don’t really know if your outfit is good or not until your roommate approves or until someone at work or school affirms you. This is just how it is. Oh, this isn’t you? Hmmm. I don’t know what to say. You’ve really… “got it together?”

There are some of us, though, who need to know if an outfit looks good or not before we go out the door. So – I’m going to give you some tips for what’s worked for me. Hope it helps.

How to Pick Out an Outfit When You Live by Yourself

  1. Wake up early enough to shower and browse through your closet. Some people pick out outfits the night before. This never works for me (unless I’m going to have a huge job interview, in which case, that would be helpful). Give yourself time to go through the closet and pick out what you want to wear that day.
  2. If you try on your first outfit and it doesn’t feel right for that day, move on. Get another outfit. Repeat this until you find one that feels good.
  3. Besides just feeling good, you need to look good. Check yourself out in a mirror. Is it nice? Do you look hot? Do you feel hot? You’re set.
  4. No mirror? This happened to me for 10 months while I lived in Ternopil, Ukraine. I ended up using the camera on my laptop to take photos of my outfit and see how I looked head to toe.
  5. If you have the laptop camera mentioned above, post the photos to facebook and let your friends help you make your outfit decision. (This is also something I used to do when I lived in Ternopil.)
  6. No laptop camera? No worries. Call a sister, your mom, or a friend and describe what you’re wearing and ask their advice.
  7. Accessorize your outfit. Add a scarf. Throw on some earrings, a necklace, and some rings. Wear your cute shoes if they match.

That’s all it takes, folks. The last step is to head out the door with your keys and wallet or purse.

If picking out an outfit becomes incredibly difficult or stressful, I have one more piece of advice: GET A ROOMMATE. Problem solved.

Tata for now.



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