How to Ensure You Are In Your High School Yearbook

Here’s the truth, if you want to be in your high school yearbook, there is one awesome thing to do: join the yearbook staff. When I was in high school, my best friends and I joined the yearbook staff and we… made sure that we were in the yearbook a lot. In my defense, we were pretty cool people and did awesome things. But that doesn’t change the fact that because we were the yearbook leaders, we didn’t abuse our power. For example, three of us stayed at the high school working on our yearbook for two weeks after we graduated high school. Because of our hard work, we rewarded ourselves with extra photos throughout the yearbook. (I know – we were a bit narcissistic/out of touch with reality.) Yeah. We did this a bit.

I was the photographer and they were the editors. We dominated the yearbook our senior year. #bestfriends #yearbookjunkies

I was the photographer and they were the editors. We dominated the yearbook our senior year. #bestfriends #yearbookjunkies

Now for those of you reading this who may actually have the chance to work on a yearbook staff, I have seven tips to make sure your presence in the yearbook is truly awesome. Here we go.

  1. Look memorable in your school picture. If you have braces, you must overcompensate by holding up a sign, using photo booth accessories or something. You don’t want people to look back at your yearbook in twenty years and remember you for being “brace-face.”
  2. Become members of the cool clubs. Make sure you’re present for picture day.
  3. Become a stat for every sport possible.
  4. Look cool when you’re sitting in the hallway so when your yearbook photographer friends come through the hall, they take your picture.
  5. Go to dances. Dance like you mean it. Make sure the photographer got a few shots of you doing the robot.
  6. Be quoted. Say something that matters. Get a yearbook editor or writer to jot it down.
  7. Become pals with the principal. That way, when they have to put a picture of the principal working with students, they’ll call you out of class to do a fake candid shot.

There you have it. Seven SURE ways to make your presence in the yearbook truly awesome. If you want more advice, I suggest you check out the old yearbooks at your school library and get some ideas.

Tata for now.



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