What makes you happy? What makes you smile? I’ve been thinking about happiness and what gets me to smile recently and I decided to make a list.

Things that make me, Sharece Michelle Bunn, happy:

cassette tapes – Don’t hate! They’re awesome. Not only do they get caught in tape players and get ruined, but they take a lot of time to create when you’re making a mixed tape. It ain’t no mixed CD or playlist action. This was tough work.

purple – The color purple is pretty much the happiest color on earth. Ever since my mom gave me my purple blanket when I was a kid, I have loved this color. It’s a very important color to me and I plan to one day have a purple house or at least purple shutters on my brightly painted house.

public restrooms – My sister Shelli refuses to use public restrooms. I’m very grateful for public restrooms. When I lived in Europe and traveled around, I’d have to pay for the toilet. I appreciate having bathrooms available for me here in the states.

bright colors – Sure I love purple, but besides that, I just love color. White bores me. There’s nothing worse than a white wall in a house. Even though I can’t paint my apartment interior, I try to liven it up with bright accessories. In reality, I should just find a place that will let me paint my walls…

sunshine – I love sunshine though I hate the heat. I like the sun here in Oregon in spring when it gives you a glimpse of summer and life, but doesn’t burn your skin.

flowers – Flowers are so pretty. My last relationship didn’t work out because the guy refused to give me flowers. I think flowers are a fantastic way to show people that you love or care for them and that to you, they are beautiful, just like a flower.

backpacks – Backpacks signify so much: school, learning, books. I love all of these things.

There you go friends. Now what about you? What makes you happy? Birds chirping?

Tata for now.


P. S. The reason toilets made it on the list has everything to do with the TWO pots of tea I just finished drinking.


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