Movie Love: Divergent Rocks

Let’s face it: when there’s a hot guy in a movie, people go see it. Last summer, my brother and I wanted to go see The Host and my mom asked if she could come with us. I said sure. It wasn’t until after the movie when we were getting dessert at the diner around the corner when she admitted to us that she went to the movie to see the hot guys. JAN BUNN!

Tonight, I went to see Divergent with my brother and my parents. Four, Theo James, is an incredibly attractive man. And he has tattoos all over his back. So yes, he is hot. The fifty-seven other people in the theater, who were all teenage girls by the way, agreed.

But let’s be real – Divergent isn’t a movie about a hot guy. Divergent is a movie that was once a book. That book was about a society structured in a way that forced citizens to follow certain rules and adapt to certain attributes in order to keep the peace. It’s a story about the chaos of organization, the dehumanization of humans we produce when we conform.

I read Divergent a few years ago. It was awesome. My brother and I talked about it at our book club and the two of us tried to figure out which faction we’d be separated into. At the time, I was sure I would be dauntless, or candor, or of course perhaps erudite. After watching the movie tonight, I realize that I’d need to get into better shape to truly be dauntless. Grad school has shot all chances of me feeling like an erudite. So I guess my blunt nature will come in handy and I could join candor. But we don’t really get that choice, do we?

If you’re at all interested in (1) Theo James, (2) a movie about a world after the next big war, (3) the word Divergent, (4) tattoos, or (5) knowing what the kids these days are interested in, I highly recommend you head to the theater and watch Divergent.

My rating: 5 stars

Tata for now.



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