My First Polar Plunge, DIY Style

You’ve heard of the Polar Plunge, right? If you haven’t, you haven’t been watching Jimmy Fallon lately, have you?

So the Polar Plunge is this activity where people jump into very, very cold water and give the money they raised for jumping into said water to charity. I missed this experience in Corvallis this morning, because it was during the really cold snow days in which everything in town was cancelled.

This morning’s experience was not meant to be a Polar Plunge. In fact, when I noticed that my dad had cleaned out his pool the other day, I’d decided that I wanted to go swimming. It made sense, I mean, I’m the kid who swims in this family; it’s my gig. So this morning, I borrowed a swimsuit that was lying around and got ready for a morning workout. For some reason, my parents woke up really fast and pulled out their cameras and followed me out to the pool.

I started to dip my foot in. It was chilly up top, but not cold. I went to the deep end and jumped in. I shrieked. It was horribly cold. I swam to the shallow end and walked out of the pool and wrapped up in my towel. Then I went to check the thermometer. It was 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Now I don’t know a whole lot about water temp except for 32 and 100, but sheesh, I was cold. So I was finished.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit bummed that my first “legit” swimming experience of 2014 turned out to be anything but legit, but you know, that’s ok. I’m sure the pool will heat up one of these days, either that or I can heat up my body with a really intense workout and jump in the pool to cool down…

Tata for now.



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